Aidoo Zigbee Inverter/VRF

Transform an Inverter/VRF
AC unit into a Zigbee device

Aidoo ZigBee

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Make your HVAC system compatible with any Zigbee device

Make your VRF inverter unit compatible with Zigbee thanks to Aidoo

Discover the possibilities of Aidoo Zigbee

Control your AC unit with Aidoo Zigbee

Controls the parameters of the AC unit

Detect communication errors with your AC unit thanks to Aidoo Zigbee

Detects communication errors

Program the ideal temperature with Aidoo Zigbee

Enables time scheduling of the mode and set-point temperature

Aidoo Zigbee acts as an independent repeater

Acts as an independent repeater to improve network reliability

Main characteristics of
Aidoo Zigbee

  • Two-way communication with the AC unit

  • Compatible with all controllers with Zigbee certification

  • Uses standard Thermostat command classes defined by the Zigbee protocol

  • Has a port for Modbus integrations

  • Power supply from the AC unit

Characteristics of Aidoo Zigbee

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AC unit brand

AC unit model

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How can I find out the model of my AC unit?

Why is a specific device necessary for each AC unit brand and model?

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