The control that improves your HVAC system

The control that improves your HVAC system

Our control solutions

Airzone control systems adapt the operation of AC units to the characteristics of each building and the needs of each user.

Discover Aidoo Wi-Fi

Aidoo Wi-Fi

Control your air conditioning from your mobile device.

Discover the Aidoo range

Aidoo Range

Integrates HVAC in Smart Home and BMS systems.

Discover Flexa 4.0


Increases comfort and reduces HVAC consumption

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What our customers say

It takes 15 minutes to install

Spectacular. For 12 years I've been getting out of bed and going to the living room to turn the air conditioning on. If I had known, I would have done it much sooner. If you're thinking about it, don't hesitate. You can use the traditional controller, a mobile app or Alexa. Installation only took 15 minutes. I'm lost for words! Thank you so much to the creators!


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Perfect integration

Impressive. After almost giving up on automating my old ducted Daikin AC unit, along come these guys with a module that integrates perfectly (installed in 10 minutes) and an application that the majority of people would be happy with... Simply perfection! Well done. A good job indeed!

Paco Alcañiz.

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Easy to use

Easy to install, incredibly fast. It's like magic, with an almost instant response. It's multi-user, so my wife and I can control it at the same time without problems, and it's fast, really fast. It offers total integration, works correctly and has complementary functions in terms of consumption, power, temperatures, etc. What I like the most are the scenes and programming, which are much simpler than the controller. It stores all settings when the power goes out and restores them.


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Why our customers choose us

More comfort

By adding Airzone control to an HVAC system, we can eliminate the comfort problems associated with conventional units. With Airzone, each zone of the home is at the chosen temperature almost 100% of the time.

Airzone zoning comparative graph
Airzone savings graph according to the season

Less consumption

With Airzone, the system's energy consumption drops significantly. Thanks to the control, only the exact amount of energy is used to heat or cool each zone.

Airzone by Your Side

Airzone offers professional services for all phases of your HVAC project: design, offer preparation, staff training, installation, after-sales support.

Project support

Project support

All the support you need when preparing your HVAC project with Airzone control.

Quote wizard

Quote wizard

Use our tools to prepare offers and quotes for your Airzone projects.

Technical support for professionals

Technical support for professionals

Our team of experts will answer your installation questions and provide you with start-up support.

Airzone Academy

Airzone Academy

Train with our online and face-to-face courses and save time in your next installation.

What our partners say

Javier Montesinos Installer Buitec Company

Javier Montesinos Installer · Buitec Company

“Thanks to Airzone we have been able to heat and cool a Passivhaus of approximately 200 m², with a unit sold for 80 m² homes.”

José Manuel Ruiz Architect WECO Studio

José Manuel Ruiz Architect · WECO Studio

“The individual room thermostats are an optimal solution without having to sacrifice efficiency and comfort.”

Borja Postigo Founder La Rosa Arquitectos

Borja Postigo Founder · La Rosa Arquitectos

“An efficient and environmentally responsible project can be achieved in different ways.”

HUB Airzone

We connect technologies

Airzone serves as a bridge between two essential industries to create comfortable spaces: HVAC and information technologies. Thanks to our solutions, over 100 brands of AC units can be managed from a mobile device or voice assistant and are easily integrated into any Smart Home or Building Management System.

Compatible brands
Compatible models

Brands compatible with Airzone Brands compatible with Airzone

Brands compatible with Airzone Brands compatible with Airzone
Brands compatible with Airzone Brands compatible with Airzone
Brands compatible with Airzone Brands compatible with Airzone
Brands compatible with Airzone Brands compatible with Airzone

Our plan for the Planet A

Airzone Impact

Airzone Impact

  • +2 million heated/cooled rooms with Airzone control.
  • +1.3 million tons of CO2 saved. 1 Airzone system = 44 trees.
European Manufacturing

European Manufacturing

  • Manufactured in Malaga, Andalusia.
  • 460 employees.
  • 4 international subsidiaries.


  • Top 13 highest-rated companies in sustainability.
  • Top 6 companies in sustainable purchasing practices.