Aidoo KNX Inverter/VRF

Integration of AC units in KNX systems

Aidoo KNX provides a solution to KNX integration of AC units with certified protocols

Aidoo KNX is an integration gateway offering two-way communication with Inverter/VRF units thanks to protocols developed and validated in collaboration with HVAC manufacturers.

Integrate Aidoo with KNX

What does Aidoo KNX have to offer?

Reliable communication

Reliable communication

Wired connection to the AC unit for two-way communication, with confirmed actions and statuses and error detection.



No adapter or external power supply required.

Autonomous operation

Autonomous operation

The original controller and functions of the AC unit are maintained.



Three configurable digital inputs for action automation.

Characteristics of
Aidoo KNX

  • KNX certified product
  • Configurable in ETS
  • Fully interoperable with KNX
  • Powered by the KNX bus
Characteristics of Aidoo KNX

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