Zoning solution for concealed Inverter/VRF units


The Plug and Play all-in-one integrated zoning solution for concealed Inverter/VRF units

The highly efficient Easyzone regulates the temperature in systems with 3 to 6 zones independently when there is demand. It controls the indoor unit, adapting its set-point temperature, fan speed and capacity according to the zone status. This means that with Easyzone, energy is only used in the occupied zones. Unlike other zoning systems, no by-pass dampers or pressure sensors are required.

Easyzone Installation Airzone
Independent <br> temperatures


Time <br> schedules<sup>1</sup>


Eco-Adapt <br> function


Remote <br> management<sup>1</sup>


Integration of <br> BMS/HA

Integration of

Bluetooth configuration <br> with the App

Bluetooth configuration
with the App

Why Zoning?

Zoning means designating separate areas in a building and controlling the Concealed Inverter/VRF unit in each of these areas independently. By combining Easyzone with a Concealed Inverter/VRF unit, end users can maximize thermal comfort in every zone at the same time. This flexible control allows the use of the zones only when there is demand. This translates into energy efficiency and savings in installation and maintenance costs.

Easyzone Zoning Airzone

Benefits of Easyzone

Compared to a non-zoned system

Non-zoned system Easyzone
Comfort is compromised because it is controlled from a single thermostat.
Need for more powerful air-conditioning units to cover the system's maximum load.
Unable to turn off unoccupied zones.
Higher installation costs.
Limited connectivity options.
Higher power consumption due to the simultaneous use of all zones, including unoccupied areas.
Maximum comfort and full control over air-conditioning systems in different zones.
Accessibility thanks to the Webserver which permits cell phone and voice control, such Alexa and Google Home.
Savings thanks to the fact that only zones with demand are air-conditioned.
Technology integrated with the leading manufacturers.
Reduced initial costs since we reduce the quantity of required AHU.
It can be easily adapted to a remodeling in accordance with the current building standards.
Maximum energy efficiency thanks to the User Modes.
Sustainable building certificates.

Where can Easyzone be used?

Traditional solutions
Unit Inverter

Unit VRF

Inverter with
Inverter without

Easyzone zoning system

Manage your system with the Easyzone Zoning Kit, which includes the following components:
motorized plenum body and neck, Airzone thermostats and Airzone Cloud Webserver.

Motorized plenum

The plenum body and neck are custom designed for each model of the Concealed Inverter/VRF unit. So, the integration is seamless.
Just Plug and Play. This allows Airzone products to be compatible with most of the AC units on the market.

Motorized plenum for Easyzone

Plenum dimensions: Height: 11.55 in / Depth: 11.19 in
The plenum body and neck have separate reference codes for orders.

Air flow regulation

Air flow regulation

All outlets incorporate a patented airflow regulation mechanism to control the airflow passing through each of them. This innovation allows adjusting the maximum opening of the damper to balance the airflow at each vent. In addition, it can also control the maximum closure to maintain a constant minimum air supply when the zone is not on demand.

Certified protocol

Certified protocols

Our communication gateways work with the same protocols as the concealed Inverter/VRF units. This enables the most highly developed two-way communication. Airzone's direct collaboration with the manufacturer guarantees full integration, and thanks to our gateways we can also easily access indoor unit's error codes.

Airzone Cloud webserver

Airzone Cloud webserver

Thanks to the Webserver, Easyzone can be controlled by a cell phone using the Airzone Cloud app, as well as by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Airzone thermostats

Easyzone with Airzone Bluface thermostat

Airzone Blueface

The Airzone Blueface thermostat with color capacitive touchscreen and graphic interface is the most complete thermostat and offers all the Airzone system's control and configuration possibilities.


| Wired

Easyzone with Airzone Think thermostat

Airzone Think

The Airzone Think thermostat features a graphic electronic ink screen and capacitive buttons to control the zone. The wireless model features low power consumption and long battery life.


| Wireless

Easyzone with Airzone Lite thermostat

Airzone Lite

The Airzone Lite thermostat is based on simplicity. It allows basic zone control by means of capacitive buttons and status LEDs.


| Wireless

Control your system from anywhere

Airzone Cloud Webserver

Control your system from anywhere

The Airzone Cloud Webserver allows you to control all the functions of your Airzone system with the apps2 available for Android and iOS or through airzonecloud.com

Voice <br> control


Time <br> schedules


Remote <br> control


Remote of <br> updates

Remote of

Download Airzone Cloud for iOS Download Airzone Cloud for Android Airzone Cloud Demo

An “Concealed Inverter/VRF solution fully integrated with BMS/HA

Easyzone is a Plug and Play system that easily integrates the Concealed Inverter/VRF unit into the latest IoT trends. It is compatible with the main Building Management Systems (BMS) and Home Automation (HA) and IoT technologies, such as voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with the Airzone Webserver. Thanks to the local API, any third party integration is simpler than ever. No more tedious programming; you just have to download the drivers, select the parameters and that's it.

“Concealed Inverter/VRF solution fully integrated with BMS/HA

Check compatibility

Thanks to the Airzone communication gateways and the specific mechanical design, each plenum connects perfectly to the indoor unit, integrating seamlessly and with no effort.

Easyzone Installation Airzone
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1 Applicable if the system has an Airzone Cloud Webserver.
2 Airzone Cloud Webserver required.