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26 Jun 23

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Optimizing Comfort and Efficiency: integration of the Airzone and Lutron control systems

As the demand for smart homes increases, home-owners seek perfect integration between their air-conditioning systems and other smart devices. One integration that promises stellar features is the recently-launched integration between the Airzone Inverter/VRF control system and the Lutron lighting control and energy-saving system. This powerful combination makes it possible to improve comfort, optimise power consumption and create personalised ambiences easily and comfortably.

The benefits of Airzone - Lutron integration

The integration of the Airzone HVAC control systems and the Lutron smart technology delivers numerous benefits to owners. First of all, it permits centralised control, enabling users to regulate both lighting and HVAC configurations from a single interface, be it a wall-mounted control panel or a mobile app. This integration simplifies the user experience and increases comfort. Moreover, the combination of the Airzone zone-based air-conditioning control capabilities and the advanced programming functions of Lutron promotes energy efficiency, ultimately cutting power consumption and delivering increased cost-saving. The collaboration between Airzone and Lutron opens up new possibilities for integration in smart homes for more than 90 air-conditioning brands with which our company has developed certified two-way communication protocols. Users can create personalised ambiences adapted to their preferences and lifestyle, thus guaranteeing optimal comfort and well-being.

The power of the Airzone air-conditioning control systems

Airzone is the leader in air-conditioning control systems for the residential and commercial sectors and now presents the new integration with the Lutron HomeWorks QSX system, using its own or Lutron’s thermostats. Both companies have also worked on the integration of Airzone’s Aidoo Pro and Lutron’s Palladiom and HomeWorks. This integration will make it possible for Lutron systems to control Inverter/VRF and fancoil systems through the Lutron Palladiom thermostats.

How the integration of the Airzone systems with HomeWorks QS/QSX works

Communication between the Lutron HQS/X and the Webserver Airzone is established by means of IP, meaning that they must be connected to the same local area network. In the case of HomeWorks QS, the Telnet protocol is used, whereas the LEAP protocol is used for HomeWorks QSX. There are two possible scenarios: with the Airzone thermostats or the Lutron Palladiom thermostats. With an Airzone webserver, up to 32 air-conditioning systems, each one with 32 zones, can be integrated.

How the integration of Aidoo Pro with the Lutron Palladiom works

The Aidoo Pro device makes it possible to control Inverter/VRF units and fancoils through the Lutron Palladiom thermostat by means of direct Modbus communication between both devices’ dedicated ports.

Configuration of the Lutron Designer software

In order to guarantee a seamless integration process, it is important that the correct software versions be used. Integration with HomeWorks QS requires version 13.0 or higher of the Lutron Designer configuration software. Similarly, for integration with HomeWorks QSX, version 23.0 or higher is recommended. Having the latest software versions guarantees compatibility, and unleashes all the integration potential between the Airzone and Lutron systems.