Airzone S62 Lite thermostat wireless

Airzone S62 Lite thermostat wireless
Reference AZS62LITER

Thermostat with capacitive buttons for controlling the temperature of the zones in Airzone systems. Finished in steel and glass. Wireless communications. Powered by CR2450 button battery. Available in white and black.


  • On/off of the zone.
  • Control of base set point temperature with an increment of ± 0.5˚C (1˚F) (default value) or ± 1˚C (2˚F), up to a limit of ± 3˚C (6˚F). The increments are configurable through master Blueface thermostat. This base set point temperature can be configured through any Blueface Thermostat.
  • Room temperature and relative humidity reading.